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Buy Oramorph Online, Oramorph oral solution 10mg/5ml is a liquid form of morphine, which is used in very small doses for the relief of long term or chronic breathlessness.

Oramorph oral solution 10mg/5ml is liquid morphine. It is available in two different strengths. The strength commonly used for breathlessness is Oramorph 10mg/5mls. Each 5mls contains 10mg of morphine. It is commonly used to treat moderate to severe pain. There is also information showing that Oramorph oral solution 10mg/5ml is effective for treating breathlessness and is safe for you to take. Oramorph oral solution 10mg/5ml should make breathing feel easier. You may feel more relaxed too.

Why is it used?

You may feel concerned at the thought of using morphine for a number of reasons:
You may recognize this as a medicine used for pain including when someone has cancer or is dying. This is absolutely not why Oramorph is used for breathlessness.

You may think that using morphine will make you addicted. The small amount of morphine used to treat breathlessness does not cause addiction. Also, the doses offered for breathlessness are very small which keeps side effects to a minimum. The benefits generally outweigh the side effects. Oramorph has been used as a treatment for breathlessness for many years and is proven to be effective and safe.

What are the possible side effects of Oramorph oral solution 10mg/5ml?

As with all medications, there may be side effects which can include:
• Constipation, which we will treat with a
gentle laxative.
• Skin itching
g (mild)
• Drowsiness (rarely)
• Itchiness and drowsiness usually goes away over time and with continued use
of Oramorph.

You might notice that the packet information leaflet includes a warning that states that it is dangerous to take when you have a breathing condition. This is only if you are needing to take large doses to treat pain. Oramorph oral solution 10mg/5ml is not dangerous in the low doses we prescribe for treating breathlessness.

How does it work?

Oramorph oral solution 10mg/5ml works quickly to relieve the feeling of breathlessness and does not linger in your system. Before starting Oramorph you will be carefully assessed. This is to ensure that this is the correct treatment and we have not missed something else causing increased breathlessness. For example, a chest infection, which would be treated with steroids and antibiotics. Patients who find Oramorph useful can then continue on it long term.

Will it help?

Patients have told us they find it very helpful in relieving their breathlessness. Many say it has allowed them to sleep better and to cope better with daily activities. Things we have been told by patients are:
• I have had the best nights sleep in years
• It has helped with my daily routine, my day was a lot easier.

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